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Detailing Packages

Attention to Detailing offers an array of car detailing packages to satisfy all of your needs or wants!

Silver Detail

Our Silver Detail is an affordable basic level car detailing service. While most of our customers are looking for a more in-depth car detailing solution such as our Gold Detail, we understand that there may be some that are either on a tighter budget, or happen to be "gun-shy" and need to engage with a business like ours through baby steps in order to establish a working relationship of trust.

Gold Detail

Our Gold Detail has shown to be our most popular 'pre-sale' package and in our honest opinion, the most appropriate service for 95% of customers seeking an in-depth car detailing service. This service is designed to restore your car back to near-new condition. As every car is different, this will not work in every situation but most cars can be brought back to near-new condition after our Gold Detail, unless extreme or unusual circumstances exist. This can all be discussed with us prior to setting an appointment.

Concours Detail

Want your ride to look its absolute best? The main difference between the Concours Detail package and the Gold Detail is the additional Paint Rejuvenation that is performed by machine polishing that will permanently remove most of the fine scratches and imperfections in your car's paint and restore the depth, clarity and gloss. This is our flagship detail! 

Exterior Detail

Just want the exterior of your car done? Well, this is the car detailing package for you!

Motorcycle Detailing

Own a motorcycle and want to make it sparkle? We also detail motorcycles!

Interior Detail

You'll want to take your fresh car for a drive after our Interior Detail!

Maintenance/Water Smart Detail

This package is ideal for newer, garaged vehicles and designed to keep your pride and joy protected and always looking at its best!

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