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Paint Protection: Ceramic Coating

Our Paint Protection is like having an additional clear coat on your car. Unlike dealership "paint protection" packages, Optimum Gloss-Coat bonds to the surface of your car and will not wash off after a few months as it is true semi-permanent paint coating.

  • Optimum Gloss-Coat is the latest generation, semi-permanent paint protection coating with an amazing level of gloss and slickness from the paintwork and provides a durability of 2+ years.

  • The ceramic coating is resistant to detergents and harsh chemicals and produces a surface that is less prone to swirl marks and scratches.

  • Gloss-Coat produces an extremely hydrophobic finish that will bead water wash after wash, for years just like a freshly waxed vehicle only better! This coating creates what is called a 'self-cleaning effect'.

  • Dirt cannot adhere to surfaces that are coated, making it considerably easier to maintain the glossy, smooth finish of the coating. Your vehicle will stay noticeably cleaner in between washes.

  • Contact Us today if you are interested in getting your car protected with this fantastic coating!

Mustang GT: Paint Corrected and Protected


This service includes thorough decontamination the paint before Paint Correction/Protection. Please read our Important Information section.


Paint Protection (New Cars): FROM $599.00

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