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Leather Conditioning & Protection

Want to keep your leather seats supple and protected from the harsh elements? We can clean, condition and protect your leather seats with high quality Australian made products. 

  • Conditioners designed for polyurethane coated leather used in 95% of modern vehicles (if your vehicle is manufactured before 1985, please let us know prior)

  • Biodegradeable and non-toxic, safe for the car's occupants

  • Non-greasy and non-slip

  • Water based formulation (not silicone), crucial for automotive leather to breathe and hydrate

  • Anti-microbial additives inhibit bacteria, mould and mildew

  • Restores leather aroma and natural satin lustre

  • UV radiation protectants help prevent colour fading and ageing effects

  • Helps guard your leather against daily wear and tear in high wear areas

  • Guards against liquid spills and sweat staining




Combined with Any Detailing Package/Specific Service(s): $30.00

Individual Service: $Enquire For Estimate

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