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Important Information

How you can get the most out of your Appointment with Attention to Detailing.

The 'Fine Print'

- We work on a win/win philosophy for our customers, simply, we do it right or we don't do it at all. We run things differently than most professional automotive detailers as we will take as much time as necessary on your vehicle until we are 100% satisfied that we have achieved the results you are after. This means that instead of cutting corners and trying to shave off time, we ensure that every task gets the proper amount of time, so we can consistently deliver outstanding results. As a consequence, time equals money so if you are only looking for the lowest price, then we may not be the service for you. However, there are always exceptions and we can certainly work around your personal time frame or budget, as we know you value your time and money as much as we do.


Hence, in some situations we are able to complete the entire detail/service at your location. However, in most circumstances where the upcoming detail/service is predicted to take longer than a full working day such as our Concours Detail and/OR weather conditions forecast make it too difficult or unsafe to work/use power tools outdoors at your location, we will require the vehicle to be made available at our secure premises conveniently located in Adelaide's Western suburbs at FINDON 5023, to allow us to safely complete the detail/service in an enclosed environment. In the event that these circumstances arise, we will discuss this with you prior to our Appointment.


- Since we do not carry a large water tank or a noisy generator we will require access to a power point and/or tap for water.  (We're sure your neighbors will appreciate the quiet also!) We are also usually able to achieve better results in a shorter period of time if we have access to shade/cover at your location.


- You may be wondering why our pricing ranges in the individual vehicle categories. Well, not all vehicles are created equal and not all vehicles are equally dirty (as our 'before' photos show!). This means that we cannot shoot you an exact quotation immediately over the phone. If we did, it would not be fair to us or you.

For customers wanting to maximise their spending dollar with us, we recommend have your vehicle washed and vacuumed prior to the Appointment. This way, we can spend more time on the details, rather than car washing and vacuuming. Of course, this is not required, but a suggestion if you're looking to receive the most value!


- We may charge an extra fee on top of our regular pricing for vehicles that are excessively soiled including but not limited to the following: animal hair, imbedded sand/dirt in carpeting/floor mats, stains, chewing gum, candle wax etc. During the initial inspection of your vehicle, we will discuss this with you before we start work on your vehicle.


- CASH preferred, EFT payments cleared prior to collection of vehicle, or PayPal (credit card) -- for PayPal payments you do not need a PayPal account. Please note for PayPal payments, a surcharge of 3% applies.


 Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to detailing your vehicle in the near future! 

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