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Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the process of machine polishing a vehicle's paint/clearcoat to permanently remove most paint defects and restore the depth, clarity and gloss.

  • Aims to permanently remove common paint defects (see illustration below) such as 'spider webbing' (fine scratches appearing as a circular pattern when viewed in direct sunlight), 'holograms', 'swirl marks' etc.

  • Surrounding vulnerable edges/surfaces/trim are professionally taped off

  • Machine polishing using only high-quality German compounds and polishes (NO fillers or waxes)

  • We will do as many polishing 'stages' as neccessary in order to acheive the end results you are after

  • Black or dark coloured vehicles show scratches and defects much more than light coloured ones so more time is often required on these vehicles




Mitsubishi Mirage: Right side is BEFORE Paint Correction.

Porsche 911 GT3 996: Paint Correction Results

Note: We may need to inspect the vehicle (free and no obligation!) and discuss any concerns or queries you may have regarding the above, before an accurate quotation can be provided for your vehicle. 

This service also requires decontamination and prepping of the paint before polishing. Please read our Important Information section.


Individual Service: $Enquire for Estimate.

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