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Exterior Detail

Restore the natural beauty and shine of your vehicle! Time taken: Please allow approx. 2 to 3 hours.

  • Complete scratch free hand wash and dry using high quality shampoo

  • Complete removal of fall-out, rail dust and common paint contaminates from all painted and glass surfaces (via clay bar)

  • Clean/degrease and dress wheel wells/arches

  • Clean/degrease door jambs, door sills etc.

  • Remove road tar and grime from wheel lip edge

  • Exhaust tip(s) cleaned

  • Clean/degrease mud flaps and exterior plastic panels

  • Condition and dress plastics

  • Full detail of wheels including behind spokes* (*Note: excessive long-term internal brake dust build-up cannot be removed)

  • Clean/degrease and dress tyres (water-based, no nasty silicone)

  • Wax/seal paintwork

  • Clean windows and mirrors



Please Note: Additional charge may apply for black coloured vehicles

Cars (Coupé/Hatchback/Sedan): $175.00 to $200.00

Station Wagon Or Small SUV/4WD/Van: $200.00 to $225.00

Full size/large SUV/4WD/Van: $250.00 to $275.00

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