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Cut & Polish 

Cut & Polish (Paint Rejuvenation) is the process of polishing a vehicle's paint to improve the surface and appearance.

  • Aims to restore gloss and remove fine scratches and blemishes, while adding a layer of wax protection

  • Our machine cut and polishing will not install unsightly swirl marks or holograms etc.

  • Black or dark coloured vehicles show scratches and defects much more than light coloured ones, so more time is often required on these vehicles




Note:  Includes initial paint surface clay bar decontamination (paint prep). Please read our Important Information section.


Please enquire for estimate.

The Cut & Polish Process Explained..

Cut and Polish is a process where an extremely fine layer of clear coat is removed using specific 'cutting' and polishing compounds. This flattens the surface of your car’s paint, removing fine swirls and scratches in your clear coat which appear when looking at your paint in direct sunlight. These defects are most visible on darker coloured cars.

Car paint that’s cut and polished will result in high levels of shine and gloss. Your car’s paint is prepared first by a clay bar to remove bonded contaminants such as industrial fallout, rail (iron) dust and brake dust. It is then machine polished to remove swirls and light scratches.

Most car detailing shops or mobile detailers in Australia do not use the right tools to cut and polish your vehicle or don’t have enough experience in the field. They will usually go straight to an aggressive wool pad at very high speeds on a powerful rotary buffer, which often results in those unsightly 'swirl marks' and holograms you often see on black/dark coloured cars (see below). Machine polishing requires experience and patience, or high levels of damage can easily occur.

When cut and polishing, it is extremely important to use the right compounds and polishes with the right pads and machines along with the right technique to achieve the perfect finish. Misuse of even a single one of them can cause irreversible damage to your vehicle resulting in a respray job. It is vital to apply that perfect pressure on the machine polisher so as to not heat the pad up too much. Attention to Detailing have many years of experience in the field so rest assured that we will give your car the care it needs.


'Swirl marks' and holograms on a black Lexus from a poor quality cut and polish job.

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