Sticker/Decal Removal

Have those ageing and unwanted stickers/decals safely removed to bring back the clean appearance to your vehicle!

Typical Process:


  • Removal of top layer

  • Removal of underlying adhesive glue

  • Removal of adhesive residue (different than adhesive glue)

  • Polishing of abraded substrate surface (if required)

Before choosing a sticker or decal removal service, we can oversimplify our spending decisions when it comes to goods and services. We look at the number attached to something and make a decision based on that number alone. Unfortunately, the sting of disappointment far outweighs any low price we feel we may be getting for a product or service. Decal removal is not the time to play it cheap as many people do not understand the many variables necessary to do a truly professional and complete decal removal job. Whether we are talking vinyl decal removal to removing car wraps, the process requires experience removing these advertising and visual enhancements from many types of underlying materials:

  • Paint

  • Fiberglass

  • Glass

  • Metal

  • Rubber trim 

  • Plastic trim 

Each one of these underlying substrate materials requires specific chemicals, tools and techniques for complete and safe removal of decals and vehicle wraps. Please Contact Us today so we can discuss the specifics of your situation!









Note: This service is provided on a case-by-case basis. We may need to inspect the vehicle (free and no obligation!) to provide an accurate quote. We do not accept responsibility for any existing damage/defects that may be revealed after the removal process.


Combined with Any Detailing Package/Specific Service(s): $Enquire for Estimate

Individual Service: $Enquire For Estimate

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