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Specific Services

Attention to Detailing also offers many specific services for complete car detailing & care!

Engine Bay Detailing

One of the most overlooked aspects of care care and detailing is the engine and engine bay. If your engine bay is looking tired we can bring back that bling! If you would like your engine and/or engine bay detailed let us know prior to our appointment and we can give you an estimation.

Upholstery (Fabric) Protection

After a shampoo why not protect your car seats from future stains and spills and keep them looking newer and cleaner for longer.

Paint Correction

Paint correction means simply the process of machine polishing a vehicle's paint to permanently remove/diminish a variety of paint defects most commonly in the form of fine 'scratches'.  

Paint Rejuvenation

Paint Rejuvenation ('Cut & Polish') is the process of polishing a vehicle's paint/clearcoat to improve the surface and appearance. It is a cost effective way of restoring the appearance of faded and oxidised paint, particularly on darker coloured vehicles.

Headlight Restoration

Having difficulty seeing when driving at night? We can restore your car's yellowed, faded and dull polycarbonate (plastic) headlights to crystal clear again! 

Leather Conditioning & Protection

Want to keep your leather seats supple and protected from the harsh elements? We can clean, condition and protect your leather seats with high quality Australian made products. 

Sticker/Decal Removal

Have those ageing and unwanted stickers/decals safely removed to bring back the clean appearance to your vehicle!

Paint Protection


Our Paint Protection is like having an additional clear coat on your car. Unlike dealership "paint protection" packages, Optimum Gloss-Coat bonds to the surface of your car and will not wash off after a few months as it is true semi-permanent paint coating.

Paint Transfer/Scuff Removal

Paint transfer occurs when a vehicle's substrate (eg. paint) has been in contact usually with another vehicle or object. These commonly occur as 'bumper scuffs' in shopping centre carparks. In most cases we can remove or greatly diminish these unsightly marks on your vehicle! 

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