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Gold Detail

Our Gold Detail has shown to be our most popular 'pre-sale' package and in our honest opinion, the most appropriate service for 95% of customers seeking an in-depth car detailing service. This service is designed to restore your car back to near-new condition. As every car is different this will not work in every situation, but most cars can be brought back to near-new condition after our Gold Detail, unless extreme or unusual circumstances exist. This can all be discussed with us prior to setting an appointment. Time taken: Please allow 1 day booking.

Exterior works:


  • Complete scratch free hand wash and dry using high quality shampoo

  • Clean/degrease wheel wells/arches

  • Clean/degrease door jambs, door sills etc.

  • Exhaust tip(s) cleaned

  • Remove road tar and grime from wheel lip edge

  • Clean/degrease mud flaps and exterior plastic panels

  • Condition and dress plastics

  • Full detail of wheels including behind spokes* (*Note: excessive long-term internal brake dust build-up cannot be removed)

  • Clean/degrease and dress tyres (water-based, no nasty silicone)

  • Wax/seal paintwork

  • Clean windows and mirrors


Interior works:


  • Complete vacuum including boot/luggage compartment

  • Meticulously clean, shampoo and detail all interior materials and surfaces including but not limited to: floor mats, carpeting, seating, door panels, storage compartments, dashboard, instrument cluster and vents etc.

  • Thorough cleaning of all interior leather*

  • Sun visors and interior grab handles cleaned (NOT whole roof lining)

  • Seat belts cleaned (long term staining on light coloured seat belts cannot be removed)

  • Removal of all door entry scuff marks due to transfer from shoes etc. (Note: actual damage/deep scratches cannot be ‘cleaned’ away)

  • Deodorise interior*

  • Dressing/protection applied to interior trim including dashboard

  • Clean windows and mirrors


*if applicable.


Cars (Coupé/Hatchback/Sedan): $350.00 to $400.00

Station Wagon Or Small SUV/4WD/Van: $400.00 to $450.00

Full size/large SUV/4WD/Van: $450.00 to $500.00

NOTE: Additional charge(s) will apply for excessively dirty vehicles (including pet hair removal & sand build-up)

Heavy/deep scratch removal attracts additional charge(s).

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