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Silver Detail

Our Silver Detail is an affordable basic level car detailing service. While most of our customers are looking for a more in-depth car detailing solution such as our Gold Detail, we understand that there may be some that are either on a tighter budget, or happen to be "gun-shy" and need to engage with a business like ours through baby steps in order to establish a working relationship of trust. Time taken: Please allow approx. 2 to 3 hours.

Exterior works:


  • Complete scratch free hand wash and dry using high quality shampoo

  • Light use of clay bar on paint* (*if required)

  • Clean wheel wells/arches including removing road grime from wheel well lip edge

  • Clean outside/face of wheels (including chrome/alloy wheels)

  • Degrease and dress tyres

  • Wax paintwork

  • Clean windows and mirrors


Interior works:


  • Complete vacuum of upholstery and carpeting (Boot detailed on request*)

  • Vacuum and spot clean all floor mats

  • Spot cleaning of all seats

  • Dust off/wipe down of all door panels/trim

  • Wipe down and dust off dashboard, instrument cluster, vents and centre console

  • Clean windows and mirrors

Cars (Coupé/Hatchback/Sedan): $150.00

Station Wagon Or Small SUV/4WD/Van: $180.00

Full size/large SUV/4WD/Van: $200.00

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*Please Note: Additional $20.00 for boot/luggage compartment

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